Too young to notice, to dumb to care

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New pen! Hoho #panda

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Just got home from vet. Get well soon, Oreo~ hold on, okay? ㅠㅠ I love you~~ 😭😘🐾🐺❤️ (at Dr. G Animal Clinic)

Belated happy 6 months, Oreo!!! You’re big na but you’re still a puppy! Love you~ 😛🐺🐾💙

Prime berry creme and Action fruit creme! Hoho!

1,200 Grand in total. Lol. #chocolate #nestle #100grand #pasalubong

"Picture? Whatever, i’m tired." Lol. You cutie! (at SMX Convention Center)

"So fluffy~~~ i’m gonna die!" asdfghjkl (at SMX Convention Center)

Such a fab dog! So cuuute!!! (at SMX Convention Center)

Cheers to a long & tiring but very productive day! ;)

All for Oreo from Pet Expo 2014! Had lots of fun!!! :”)