Too young to notice, to dumb to care

JAZELLE ONG - ASIAN (Fil-Chin) - BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN - UNIVERSITY STUDENT - English, Filipino, Korean & little Chinese - MUSIC LOVER~ ♫♪ - FANGIRL - KPOP - KOREA - I'm so obsessed in going back to SEOUL. ♥ - I blame Asianovelas (mostly Koreanovelas) for my high expectation of love.

Love these two! ❤️💋 Mga panahong walang maayos na tulog at kain. Salamat naman at bukas na ang last day ng sem natin. XD NUOD TAYO AON PLITH!!! @merylborinaga @marianne2yor (at Hollys Coffee)

김민지 선생님 why do you look like an actress?! She looks like the gf of Choi Jin Hyuk in the Heirs! Haha! #선생님 #한국 #너무예뻐

Luli (Lulubog, Lilitaw) Island @ Honda Bay, Puerto Princessa, Palawan. It’s composed of 3 sandbars. The existence of the island depends on the water tides. Snorkeling is must! ;) Also, there is now a diving board here. ^^ #itsmorefuninthePhilippines #Palawan #Luli #Island #summer #vacation #puertoprincesa

Visiting Palawan for the third time made me miss my Papa Chot so much up to the point that i cried. I can’t help but recall all the memories of my first and second trip here. He left me so many goood and wonderful memories to remember. I really miss him so much, sometimes it hurts. (at Sabang Wharf)

Oreo’s first ever selca!!! 🐶👍😛 #selca #dogstagram

I wanted to buy ‘em all!!! But yeah, i’m broke. ㅜㅜ #dreamcatcher (at Puerto Princesa)

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Waiting for boarding~ need to catch some sleep… @.@

Went down the mountain coz the zipline was too expensive. Haha! #legs (at Sabang Beach, Palawan)

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